Beginnnings of The Basilian Fathers

saint basil the representative saint of the Basilian Fathers

The Basilian Fathers : How we started

The Basilian Fathers were established as a religious congregation as a result of the closing of seminaries in France in 1822. They reasoned that the school, by then located in the nearby city of Annonay, would have a better chance of continuing if it were conducted by a Religious Congregation that could accept and train new members to continue the operation of the school after the founding fathers' retirement. The original members chose St. Basil the Great, a fourth century teacher, bishop and doctor of the Church, to be the namesake of the new community.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Thomas Aquinas have also been our patrons. Since those early days of the congregation, St. John Bosco has been added to the list of patrons because of his admirable work with youth.

In the middle of the nineteenth century the French Basilians came to Canada on invitation of Bishop de Charbonnel of Toronto who had been a student at Annonay. They opened St. Michael's College in 1852, offering, in the French style, a combination of what we would call high-school and university education.

Today, the University of St. Michael's College and St. Michael's College School continue the work begun in 1852. The Congregation grew in numbers and activities in the New World. Assumption College in Windsor, Ontario was opened as well as several parishes. Work in the United States began in a permanent way in 1886 at St. Anne's Parish in Detroit, Michigan and by the end of the nineteenth century the community was working also in Texas.

From these beginnings the Basilians have spread across Canada, and across the United States where we work in the archdioceses of Detroit and Santa Fe and in the dioceses of Rochester, Gary, Galveston-Houston, Las Cruces, Phoenix and Oakland. We also host parrishes in Mexico and Central and South America.

Over $155000 raised, We love Our supporters

Donating to the Basilian Fathers MIssions means that the poor are fed, educated, housed and raised to be humans God intended them to be.


Our Team

Fr. Vincent Dulock CSB

Mission Procurator

Father Vince Dulock was born in 1940 in rural Texas and raised in Houston. He is the second son in a family of 4 boys and two girl

Aron Fernandez

Director of Operations

Aron Fernandez is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Science from the College of Communications.