The Congregation of St. Basil is a Catholic male religious community of French origin, settled with force majeure in Canada and the States. In Latin America and has a presence in Mexico since 1987 in Colombia

In our country it was initially installed in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in the city of Cali, in 1995 he established his second national headquarters in the city of Medellin and the beginning of the third millennium founded a house designed for training in the city of Santa Fe from Bogota.

Among the Basilian religious group who participated in the first settlement of the community in Colombia were Father Francisco and Father Roberto and Rafael Lopera, at that time candidate. In the last twenty years they have ordained as priests of the Congregation of St. Basil's father Rafael, Father Pedro, Father Juan Carlos and father Oscar. In addition, many men of faith have shared several years of his life with the Congregation, but subsequently been withdrawn, his work helped build the community, while it deeply permeated his being Christians.

Today Colombia is favored by the presence of seven priests Basilian, two in the city of Cali, two in Medellín and three in the city of Bogota, the latter including Father Philip Platt, with them a significant group of candidates, postulants and scholastics advance the process of formation, projecting at least two priestly ordinations in the next three years. The work of the brothers, the project of setting up a female community of St. Basil, with two sisters and a candidate for 2012 is currently totals.

As for the work undertaken can refer to the parishes of Cali and Medellin articulate the work of evangelization with support for development; Cali dynamics promotes the Basilian charism formal education at the Institute Our Lady of the Assumption, while in the capital of Antioquia being grown from Basilian through popular education. The two parishes drive productive projects, even more strongly in Medellin. Bogotá emphasizes the training of people interested in joining the Congregation and tangentially pastoral collaboration in the parish of Egypt and other offers.

In relation to the presence of religious women in the Congregation of St. Basil, in recent years, it was officially established Basilian Sisters. unique experience in the field of the Congregation internationally. Although they were born in the Basilian Parish in Medellin, are currently located in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Cali, performing his work in the educational ministry of INSA, as in the pastoral districts, especially in the training and organization of women.

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